Canada Driver's Licences

Drivers license applications in Canada require various documents of applicants. Furthermore, all drivers interested in licensure must meet certain requirements:

  • Drivers need to prove their Canada residency
  • Drivers need to prove their ID
  • Drivers need to pass a vision test
  • Drivers need to complete a knowledge and driving exam
  • Drivers need to obtain parental consent if younger than 18

Acceptable Primary Identification Documents

  • Passport from Canada
  • Licence from another Canadian province
  • NEXUX Card
  • Armed Forces card from Canada military
  • Permanent resident card

Acceptable Secondary Identification Documents

  • Birth record
  • Marriage record
  • Utility statement
  • Visa for work or school
  • Government benefit paperwork

Residency Documents in Canada

To prove Canada residency, your documentation must include your full name and address, including the province you reside in. Canadian birth certificates, permanent resident cards and passports are all acceptable toward this requirement. However, to prove your residency in a province, you must submit a utility bill, a bank statement or another correspondence delivered to you.

Licence Address Changes in Canada

Three steps are required to complete a Canada drivers license change of address:

  • Visit the motor vehicle office within two weeks of your move.
  • Submit identification documents from the above list.
  • Pay the required fees for licensure.

A temporary licence will be issued to you until your official document arrives in the mail within 10 business days.

Canada Licence Renewals

Canada driving licence renewals can be completed up to one year before the expiration date. To do so, visit your local driver licensing office and submit your current licence with the appropriate fees. You may have to provide a medical evaluation if you are elderly or if your licence is Class C, 1, 2 or 4. Also, retaking the exams may be required if your licence was expired for more than 3 years.

Licence Name Changes in Canada

Canada drivers licence name changes require you to submit proof of your new name and a completed application. Proof of your new name can be a marriage certificate or a court order. A divorce decree is also acceptable toward this requirement. Furthermore, the fee typically associated with this process is waived if you are changing your name for an approved reason.

Canada Licence Replacements

Lost, stolen and broken drivers licences in Canada must all be replaced as soon as possible. Driving without a licence or with a broken licence is illegal and can incur serious fines. To replace drivers licence credentials, you must visit a local licensing office in your Canadian province and submit proof of your ID along with the necessary fee. You will be given a temporary licence that lasts 30 days until your permanent document arrives in the mail within two weeks.